David Icke Live at Bilderberg in England UK - Full Video

David Icke Speaker at Bilderberg Conference at The Grove in Watford England UK

David Icke speaks on stage at Bilderberg at the Grove Hotel in Watford 3rd day.



David Vaughan Icke, A former footballer and sports broadcaster, Icke has been known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist.
"full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world."


1 - David Icke at Bilderberg on Insane Leaders
David Icke talk mentions, his First Bilderberg in Bürgenstock, switzerland, symbolism, insane leaders, madness, main stream media, sanity,

2. David Icke at Bilderberg on Prince of Darkness - England UK
David Icke talk mentions, loving caring people, want peace and justice in the world, war criminals, parasites, bankers, police protecting who, policemen, crazy, inversion, brown people, Russian Oligarch, KGB, Kissinger, peter mandelson, Prince of Darkness, putrid, corruption,


3. David Icke at Bilderberg on Global Society Control
Freedom, cashless society, smartphones, computer says no, control, euro was not meant to work, global currency, world army, G8, G20, UN Security council, NATO.

Problem Reaction Solution, create problem, blame someone else, fear reaction, manipulation, Tony Blair, WMD,


4. David Icke at Bilderberg on Divide and Rule enslavement
DARPA, Google Executive, Motorola, electronic tattoo, microchip, connect the dots, mass non co-operation with enslavement, divide and rule, income, first they came for the jews, then they come for me, demonising the muslims, the poor, we are all one consciousness,


Alex Jones on Globalists takeover of the Planet


Max Keiser on Crooked Economics Manipulation


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